— web statistics tool for monitoring and analysis of web site traffic.

Groups of pages

The most popular web statistics tools delivers one big flat list with statistics for any website. It is very easy in use for websites with a small amount of pages. Besides are provided the primary opportunities for analyses of web site statistics only.

For websites with a large amount of pages and for a deeper analysis the hierarchical structure of the website statistics is used. In this structure the tracked pages of a website may be united into logical groups giving the unique possibility to analyze not only the statistics for pages but for logical parts of a website too.

The possibility to create groups of pages is the key feature of the RedStatCounter.

Separate statistics

The most popular website statistics tools provides a full list of reports in which you will find referrals, search engines etc. But it is usually one big heap of information at once for all pages and for logical parts of a website.

For a more thorough analysis it is necessary to have separate statistics for each logical part of a website and in some cases even for each page of a website. To improve content and structure of a website this information is essential.

RedStatCounter supports separate tracking and creation of statistics for domains, for groups and for pages.

Graphic visualization

To improve the perception of collected statistics a graphic visualization is necessary. It allows you to appreciably economize time and efforts when working with any amount of statistics.

To check the dynamics of visits or to compare the popularity a single glance into the graphics is enough. The visualization is very useful for marketing presentations or for final reports of advertising campaigns etc.

The collected statistics in RedStatCounter can be viewed from different perspectives: from simple bar charts to complex 3D diagrams.

Export of reports

A very important feature of our professional website statistics tool is the ability to export the stored data to other tools. This can be an external database, a professional text and/or graphics editor, print managers etc.

The exported reports may be customized in favourite editors to create the necessary view and format for more convenient usage in the future: add logo of your company, change colours, modify structure or insert notes etc.

RedStatCounter provides the ability to export general and additional graphics reports to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and to the Comma Separated Variables format.

User interface

The convenient and easy-to-use interface is one more important feature of our professional website statistics tool. This allows you to appreciably economize time and efforts when working with any amount of statistics.

To work comfortable a combination of user’s local settings with different interface skins and multi-language support is a minimal requirement for a professional website statistics tool. RedStatCounter successfully supports all these features in all editions.

Besides all these features RedStatCounter supports friendly names for groups and pages, sorting of reports with any statistics parameter, search filters etc.

See Comparison table for full list of features.


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